Creating Goals 
Each dream or goal starts with a desire in our heart, this desire or dream becomes our WHY. Our WHY fuels us. Discovering and living out our why leads to our best life. 
This message could be for any audience and or a team building seminar.

Choose Life to the Fullest
A daily routine for life-change is simple and shared in this message. We can spend 5 minutes everyday that will create our life to the full. I believe in this formula so much that I created a four book curriculum on this. 

Backstory: My teenage son was spiraling mentally.  As a mom and counselor, I tried many things, nothing was working, and I needed something simple that could change his destructive thinking and help him grow daily in his faith. I did what any parent would do- wrote daily and paid him to edit. After six months, he was a different person, because consistent daily time writing "thankfuls" and growing in our faith is life-changing. 

This message can be for any audience.

Parenting Moment by Moment
Twenty years of counseling students revealed themes that teens desire a relationship with each parent. 

This message could be a seminar with all 15 themes facilitated or a shorter version sharing the top six needs of children and teens. 

Fairytales to Forgiveness
Marriage message to give hope to those who are struggling. Realness is the only way I know how to communicate. Fourteen years ago, we hit a wall in our marriage. Dan was angry, I was bitter, it took work, yet God healed our mess and created a fun, loving marriage.  We can choose change and cultivate the home we want to live in.